Bonex DPV’s

2017-08-24T14:58:23+00:00 August 24th, 2017|

We are delighted to announce that we recently brought in 7 brand new Bonex Scooters.

Bonex is a German company specialising in producing underwater scooters. BONEX Scooters are the result of years of intensive development. The underwater scooters are the most compact professional scooters world-wide. The performance/weight ratio of the scooter is unbeatable. It is a perfect combination of low weight and long runtimes.

The Aquaprop is the absolute perfect companion on your dive. Weighing only 6 kilos, it is easy to handle. For those of you seeking more of a thrill, the Ecos will give you multiple speed options. Rated to 120m, you will be able to speed through the water at 60 m/min for at least 2 hours.

Both options are not only huge fun, they give you the chance to explore new areas of dive sites.