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Dubai Trips

The sea off Dubai is littered with various wrecks. Most of these are between 30 – 40 minutes boat ride,  located along the coastline. Every single wreck is unique in its own way and includes self-contained marine life. The only choice would be which wreck to consider.

We offer a trips every weekend and mid week on request – please contact us for full details.

Cement Barge

Cement Barge is popular with wreck enthusiasts, for training dives and even night dives.  However it’s depth and variety of marine life makes it popular with beginners and recreational divers too.

Depth: 12m

This cement barge sank in 1971 when it ran into heavy weather en route to Dubai.  It sits more or less intact and upright in 12m of water, but has begun to deteriorate, with large cracks and holes appearing along the hull.  The barge still carries it’s original cargo of cement and the bags can be clearly seen.

The depth from the surface to the top of the superstructure is approximately 5m and average depth of the deck and holds is 8-10m.


Due to her unlawful past, Zainab is a wreck of historical interest but there’s interest for the marine life enthusiast too.

Depth: 30m

The Zainab, previously known as the Seasroun Five, sailed under a Georgian flag and was involved in the illegal transportation of light fuel oil from Iraq when she went down. A general cargo ship with two holds forward and the machinery, bridge and quarters aft.  To conceal her illegal cargo her holds had been converted to hold the oil.  She was carrying about 1,300 tonnes of fuel oil when she was deliberately sunk by her 11 man crew to avoid being boarded by the US Navy, who were enforcing UN sanctions on Iraq. The sinking resulted in a major oil spill on the northern Gulf coast, causing serious concern to the local gas processing plant, due to the fact she sank within a few hundred meters of their offshore gas pipelines.

Neptune 6

A long way from shore but this is an excellent wreck dive that is worth the effort.

The Neptune was supporting the WD Kent, a drilling rig that was cross drilling a burning oil well during one of the worst offshore fires that the Dubai Petroleum Company’s Fateh Field has seen.

The Nepture set off during bad weather but dragged her anchor and ended up colliding with the WD Kent, sinking the rig.  After the collision it was decided that the Neptune would be taken to Sharjah.  However, she capsized while under tow and sank in her present position.

Anchor Barge

The upturned barge was sunk by the White Sea Shipping Company in 1998 to form an artificial reef.  She rests on her forward machinery cabin in 23-25m of water and the roomy open area between her deck and the seabed means that there’s plenty of hiding space for sea creatures.  The cabin contains the anchor winches and the cargo and ballast transfer pumps, her bulk supported by the cabin and deck equipment.


Sunk in 2006 and lies at a depth of 12m

Despite the dive sites being a little bit further away (40 – 50 minute boat ride), we like to take you to the sites further away, there are rarely any other divers and it is a great day out.

Victoria Star

Sunk in 2013 and lies at 22m.

Marium Express

Sunk in 2006 and lies at 21m.

Sheikh Maktoum Barge

sunk in 1985 and lies at a depth of 23m

Car Barge

Lies at a depth of 23m