The making of Dive Garage

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A few months ago everyone heard about the Dive Garage and wonder what the Dive Garage is. Well, this 2 part Blog will take you behind the scene of making the Dive Garage. How it started and what you can expect from the Dive garage in the near future.

The beginning started like all the stories you hear and read in the past with “There was nothing “So that’s how the Dive Garage started with nothing, it was just an old empty warehouse with a lot of potentials. A lot of work to be done but we all were ready for a challenge.

First few days we just focus on the floor, we needed to get the floor back to its prime years. We all had a brush in one hand and in the other some sticky Guard Primer. For some, it was a real easy task but for others not so easy.  They got them self into real sticky situations.

After the floor was done we needed to get some shelving up, for the equipment we started to receive. For me personally, I really thought that it would be an easy and quick job. Oh boy, was I wrong to think that!

We started to unpack all the equipment we received, Let me just tell you if you see a 100+boxes to unpack, You’ll be real happy not to see a box for a couple of days. But in the same breath, it was good to see all the new things, we have.

Our next step was to make the retail area look like a shop. For many mornings I will walk into the warehouse and see old wooden pallets standing outside. I couldn’t understand where they came from or what the plan for it was. So one day, Dave said that we need to take them apart and pull out all the nails, we going to make a counter. So most of the things you’ll see in the shop are from old pallets.

The last thing we needed was a bit of paint to cover the old brown walls. Luckily we had a Picasso in the making to help us out with that. His name is Tae. Some days I wondered if he had a restless night over paint.

But threw all this, there were times that we all just sat down and see what we have done so far, and the times we laugh about someone doing something stupid or how dirty they were with all the cutting of wood.

By saying that, this is the end of Part 1 of my blog. The next Blog will be about the final journey of the Dive Garage.

What equipment would you like to see in the Dive Garage?